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April 23, 2006

Hay Hay Its Donna Day #3

I'm sorry to say this has not been my best baking experience.  Sorry Donna.  I didn't quite get the mixture right with the vanilla mixture too soft and the chocolate mixture a bit dry.   After trying various chequerboard methods (and unhappy with them all)  I joined the two doughs together and made star biscuits. 

Despite my problems the family loved them and have requested I make them again. I must say the taste was perfect.  Just the right amount of vanilla to balance the chocolate.  Next time I think I will make star shapes, cut the middles out and swap them over, making chocolate stars with vanilla centres and vanilla stars with chocolate centres.  If you haven't already baked your entry feel free to test the design for me. I'd love to see photos.

I'm looking forward to all your entries in the Hay Hay It's Donna Day Chequerboard biscuits. Check out the report from Clare at Eatstuff  after the 1st  June for the final write up.


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